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Sisto was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on October 13, 1965. When he was just five years old he migrated with his family to the U.S until October 1987. At a very early age, he began to study art and participated in numerous art contests and workshops. By the age of 18, he had achieved many recognitions for his works to include the Scholastic Art Awards finalist with 2 gold keys, a painting at the Goddard Space Flight Center’s collection, finalist at the Kennedy Center’s Readers Digest Art Contest, ASTAG art awards. He also won scholarships from the Corcoran Art College, the Maryland College of Art and Design (now School of Ar 1t & Design at Montgomery College), including an Associates's Degree in Fine Arts. In 1992 he established his Art Studio and began teaching. His works have been exhibited in art galleries and Museums both in Uruguay and abroad. Discover Sisto Pascale Artwork

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